Thank you for trusting us with your eye care! We are open and serving our community. For list of how our office is evolving click here!

We are open and serving our community. For a list of how our office is evolving click here!


Kennedy and Perkins Designer Sunglasses

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You may think sunglasses are just a fashion accessory or something to wear in the summer, however, they are a key component to eye health here in Connecticut. Sunglasses protect your eyes, and the skin around them, from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Those of us who enjoy all the activities of Connecticut’s mountains and open water activities increase our UV exposure up to 50%. That’s brutal on eyes without sun protection.

Kennedy & Perkins carries Connecticut’s largest selection of name brand sport and designer sunglasses. Whether you want the most stylish new design or something simple to protect your eyes, Kennedy & Perkins will custom fit your sunglasses to your needs and your face. From everyday sunwear to prescription sunwear, Kennedy & Perkins has your eyes covered.

Kennedy & Perkins is proud to carry so many wonderful sunglass lines from around the world. We spend many hours every week reviewing new lines, new materials, new shapes, and new colors to bring Connecticut sunglass wearers the finest possible selection of eyewear in New England. Our styles and inventory change quickly, so if you haven’t been inside a Kennedy & Perkins recently, we have the sunglasses you want for your style and your checkbook.