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P5020422b At Kennedy & Perkins we have a long history of being THE cutting edge optical store Connecticut trusts with their eyesight. Our vendor partners work with us to provide the newest and greatest products and spend time training us throughout the year so we can provide that exceptional product knowledge and service we are famous for. Last night, Transitions® Regional Manager, Peter Arnold gave us continuing education on the 3 newest transition products.  Transitions® 6 (completely clear indoors to 80 grey or brown in 30 seconds), Transitions® Extra Active (light sun to dark sun), and the revolutionary Transitions® Vantage lens that when it darkens the molecules align horizontally to create a polarized filter.  All transition products give 100% UV block when activated. Come into Kennedy & Perkins today to see how these remarkable lens add-ons can make your life so much easier this summer.  

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