Thank you for trusting us with your eye care! We are open and serving our community. For a list of how our office is evolving click here!

We are open and serving our community. For a list of how our office is evolving click here!


Learn the Difference…See the Difference

P5020422b At Kennedy & Perkins we have a long history of being THE cutting edge optical store Connecticut trusts with their eyesight. Our vendor partners work with us to provide the newest and greatest products and spend time training us throughout the year so we can provide that exceptional product knowledge and service we are famous for. Last night, Transitions® Regional Manager, Peter Arnold gave us continuing education on the 3 newest transition products.  Transitions® 6 (completely clear indoors to 80 grey or brown in 30 seconds), Transitions® Extra Active (light sun to dark sun), and the revolutionary Transitions® Vantage lens that when it darkens the molecules align horizontally to create a polarized filter.  All transition products give 100% UV block when activated. Come into Kennedy & Perkins today to see how these remarkable lens add-ons can make your life so much easier this summer.  
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Fall Trunk Show

We spend months preparing for our annual Fall Trunk Show. We want to thank all of our customers from across Connecticut who made it to last weeks Fall Spectacular. Most of all, we want to thank our dedicated staff of Opticians without whom we could never put on such an event in all five Kennedy & Perkins locations. If you missed the Fall Trunk Show you can still stop by your nearest Kennedy & Perkins and see some of the great new product for 2013 arriving daily. Here are a few shots from last weeks event. Dave Wojcik, Kathy Hagan-Carver, Michael Mason, and Patricia Perrelli In Old Saybrook Kennedy & Perkins

Above: In Old Saybrook featuring the Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith eyewear collections for 2013. Seen above l-r are the K&P store manager Dave Wojcik, eyewear fashion consultant Kathy Hagan-Carver, Oliver Peoples New England sales VP Michael Mason, and K&P general manager Patricia Perrelli.

Kennedy & Perkins New Haven staff

Above: In the New Haven office featuring the French eyewear collection for 2013 from Anne et Valentine. Seen above from L-R are K&P staff members Nick Murano, Nanette Hammond, Michele Merola, Anne et Valentine East Coast sales manager Marie France Labbe, K&P staff member Jennifer Rich, and K&P owner Richard Kennedy.

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Education at Kennedy & Perkins

We are all about keeping up to date with the newest in the optical industry. Whether it is great new frame designs or the newest in lens technologies, Kennedy & Perkins is the optical stores vendors turn to in New England to bring their newest and greatest to first. The staff at Kennedy & Perkins just finished an evening of learning about the great new freeform progressive lenses from Shamir from Bruce Mossman Shamir’s New England Regional manager. We look forward to showing you the Shamir difference for your favorite eyeglasses at Kennedy & Perkins. Shamir freeform lenses at Kennedy & Perkins
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Work, Work, Play, Work

It seems we are always working. That’s how it is when you own your own business though. Even when we get a few moments to play, we seem to be working too. Pictured here are Kennedy & Perkins owners Rick Kennedy and Dart Messick with one of our esteemed OD’s, Doctor Kevin O’Connor as well as Bruce Mossman, Shamir Lens’ New England Regional Manager. We were able to get a few holes of golf before putting Bruce to work training the staff at Kennedy & Perkins on the newest trends in freeform lens products. How did we shoot that day? Let’s just say we are much better at our day jobs. Rick Kennedy and Dart Messick playing golf
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Blast From The Past

Not a day goes by we don’t walk past this certificate in our New Haven headquarters and think how proud we are of the people who make up Kennedy & Perkins. This is a citation from our then Attorney General and now junior US Senator, Richard Blumenthal, congratulating the staff of Kennedy & Perkins  for being recognized by the New Haven Chamber of Commerce back in 2007. We are very proud of the Leadership Award and the recognition from Senator Bluementhal as well. We certainly couldn’t do it without the great staff of Optometrists and Opticians we work with every single day. Why are we sharing this with you today? Our commitment to excellence never ceases. We want to be your store of choice for fine eyewear. Plus, we didn’t have blog back in 2007. See what the Chamber of Commerce and our Attorney General/Senator have seen by stopping into Kennedy & Perkins soon for some of our continued award winning service and selection. Kennedy & Perkins citation award from Senator Richard Blumenthal and the New Haven Chamber of Commerce
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In The News

It’s always a great feeling to be recognized for all our hard work. We were very humbled when the folks at Elan Magazine asked to write about our stores. Here is a copy of the newest issue and here we are modestly boasting once more. We do it all for you, our loyal customers. Kennedy & Perkins feature in Elan Magazine
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Kennedy & Perkins Donates to Lions Club

Rick Kennedy with Barbara Gould and Janet Greenlaw at the lions club Kennedy & Perkins has a long and proud history of working with The Lions Club, donating used eyewear to those in need around the world. Pictured here is Rick Kennedy along with  Barbara Gould (middle)Current past president of the Lions Club New Haven chapter, and Janet Greenlaw (Right), also a past president of the New Haven Lions Club and currently the Lions Club Leo advisor. The 2 Lions Club members made there annual visit to Kennedy & Perkins to receive approx. 2000 used eyeglasses collected by Kennedy & Perkins for their eyewear donation program. Thank You Connecticut for helping us help others!
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Behind the Scenes

Kennedy & Perkins eyeglasses optical lab technicians in New HavenThese are the folks who hand make your glasses to the exacting standards that sets Kennedy & Perkins head and shoulders above the rest of Connecticut’s optical shops. Every pair of Kennedy & Perkins eyeglasses are handmade in our full service optical lab in New Haven by these three wonderful technicians. From the left Francisco Abreu, Donna Micanovic, and manager of 22 years Peter Chrzanowski. Thanks for all your hard work!
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Vision Expo West

Rick Kennedy and Dart Messick recently traveled across the country to Las Vegas for the 2011 Optical Vision Expo West Trade Show and Conference where the world’s eyeglass, sunglass, and optical lens manufacturers gather to show off their latest products. We wanted to share a few pictures of your intrepid local optical store owners working the show and bringing the best new styles and products back to our 5 Connecticut locations for you our customers. Rick Kennedy and Dart Mesick at las vegas vision expo west trade show   Rick Kennedy, Jamie Shyer, Henry Shyer, and Dart Messick. The Shyer’s are owners of Zyloware Optical Company the oldest American family owned frame company in the USA. They are shown in front of the Natori Eyewear collection created for Zyloware by the famous designer Josie Natori.           Rick Kennedy and Dart Mesick at vision expo west trade show Rick Kennedy meeting with Shamir Insight representatives. Left to right: Bruce Mossman North Eastern Regional Manager, RLK Jr., and Matt Lytle VP Sales and Marketing. Shamir has developed the world’s most advanced back-surface Freeform progressive lens and Kennedy & Perkins, after extensive training, has become one of the first optical companies in the nation to be a “Certified Freeform Practice”.           Clearvision Optical and Kennedy & Perkins at vision expo west trade showClearvision Optical and Kennedy & Perkins, have been family owned business partners for over 60 years. K&P was founded in 1946 by Richard Kennedy. Clearvision Optical was founded in 1949 by Fred Friedfeld. Both veterans of WW II the men met over 60 years ago and their companies have had a wonderful working relationship ever since. Shown at the Clearvision booth are from the left Dart Messick, Mr. Kennedy’s son in law, David Friedfeld president of Clearvision Optical, his mother and father Mimi and Fred Friedfeld, and Mr Kennedy’s son Richard Kennedy Jr.     
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Vision Expo West 2011

Rick Kennedy and Dart Mesick traveled to Las Vegas last week to attend the annual Vision Expo West trade show at the Sands Convention Center to see and buy hot new designs and styles for Kennedy & Perkins to start arriving as soon as next month. Here they are pictured with Jack Erker and Seth Gilbert, fellow retailers in St. Louis and Virginia Beach at a Barton Perreira function last week. Rick Kennedy and Dart Mesick at annual Vision Expo West trade show
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