Thank you for trusting us with your eye care! We are open and serving our community. For a list of how our office is evolving click here!

We are open and serving our community. For a list of how our office is evolving click here!



Did you know that upwards of 8% of men are colorblind? No, we are not talking about the tie they chose to wear with that shirt, though perhaps for some men, that is a very legitimate excuse. Women are affected far less with only 1 out of every 200 affected by colorblindness. The light sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of our eyes is called the retina. The retina is made up of rods and cones. The rods give us our night vision but do not distinguish color. The cones perceive color. The cones, each contain a light sensitive pigment which is sensitive over a range of wavelengths (each visible color is a different wavelength from approximately 400 to 700 nm). Genes contain the coding instructions for these pigments, and if the coding instructions are wrong, then the wrong pigments will be produced, and the cones will be sensitive to different wavelengths of light (resulting in a color deficiency). The colors that we see are completely dependent on the sensitivity ranges of those pigments. People with normal cones and light sensitive pigment  are able to see all the different colors and subtle mixtures of them by using cones sensitive to one of three wavelength of light – red, green, and blue. A mild color deficiency is present when one or more of the three cones light sensitive pigments are not quite right and their peak sensitivity is shifted.  A more severe color deficiency is present when one or more of the cones light sensitive pigments is really wrong. There is not one type of colorblindness. Each of us have different color sensitivities. Take a look at these Ishihara color tests to see what numbers you see in each plate. The answers are at the bottom of the page. If you have trouble reading any of these, please call us and schedule an eye exam and let our doctors work out a solution for you. Plate11[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent= Plate21[1] Plate31[1] Plate41[1] Plate81[1] Plate111[1]           12, 8, 29, 5, 6, 7[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]
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Protect Yourself From Eye Injuries

As safe as we would all like to think we are, accidents happen.  43 Americans are treated for work related eye injuries ever second of every day. Even off the job we expose our eyes to injury. Every 13 minutes someone is visiting an ER due to a sports eye injury. At Kennedy & Perkins, we take your eyesight personally. We have the best selection of the finest eyeglasses, sunglasses and lenses available in the state to help you see better and to protect your vision. We even have a great selection of safety glasses and goggles in which we can put your personal prescription in. Check out this infographic and be sure to let us help take care of your eyesight. Health info eye injury
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The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Polarized sunglasses are not just for summer fun. Polarized lenses help reduce glare and reduce eye stress as well, so they are great for driving. They provide for better contrast, enhanced clarity and more. Here is an infographic from the folks at GKB Opticals showing the benefits of polarized lenses. 6510b5d83ebd252b7b05012bb67ad185 [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]
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Best Of New Haven

We truly strive to be the best we can be. We try to challenge ourselves to be a better optical shop proving better service, better product knowledge, and a better selection of the best products in the industry. We are truly honored that we were included among the BEST of New Haven by New Haven Living this month in their first ever BEST OF issue. Please stop in and be The BEST customer of the BEST optical shop(s) in Connecticut soon. Have Kennedy & Perkins co-owner Rick Kennedy autograph your New Haven Living when you do… (wink) Best Of 2013
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Learn the Difference…See the Difference

P5020422b At Kennedy & Perkins we have a long history of being THE cutting edge optical store Connecticut trusts with their eyesight. Our vendor partners work with us to provide the newest and greatest products and spend time training us throughout the year so we can provide that exceptional product knowledge and service we are famous for. Last night, Transitions® Regional Manager, Peter Arnold gave us continuing education on the 3 newest transition products.  Transitions® 6 (completely clear indoors to 80 grey or brown in 30 seconds), Transitions® Extra Active (light sun to dark sun), and the revolutionary Transitions® Vantage lens that when it darkens the molecules align horizontally to create a polarized filter.  All transition products give 100% UV block when activated. Come into Kennedy & Perkins today to see how these remarkable lens add-ons can make your life so much easier this summer.  
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Do You Have Digital Eye Strain?

Most of us work on computers throughout the day. Yet less than 1 in 5 adults have every heard of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). It could be affecting your eyesight and your work. Here is an infographic from the folks at Get Lenses that can help us reduce computer and mobile phone eye strain. We have lenses that can help you at work. What do you do to reduce digital eye strain? Digital strain Infographics  
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Chocolate & Your Eyes

chocolate According to research chocolate  improves eyesight and sharpen the brain more than carrots. Dark chocolate can lower the blood pressure and also appears to have a good effect on cholesterol levels, platelet function and insulin sensitivity. The authors of the latest research were from England’s University of Reading, including 30 men and women aged between 18 to 25 and perform research on themselves by testing their vision and thinking skills a couple of hours after they ate a dark chocolate bar. Milk chocolate does not produce the same results.
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Love Your Eyes

We like to pass along fun facts as well as great deals when we can. Here is an infographic put together by Ultralase sharing a few facts about our eyes. love your eyes banner     Specials thanks to the Optical Vision Site for sharing. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]
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